Specialized accounting services for electricians in Melbourne


We know that being an electrician is no mean task. As if the day to day physical challenges are not enough, you also need to manage with erratic work hours, emergency calls at odd hours and even extensive travel at times. And while you do all of this, 0079ou also need to stay up to date with the safety and regulatory requirements of your industry in Australia. All of this would leave you with little time and energy to look at the accounting and book keeping aspects for your trade. As a result, you might likely be paying higher tax than what is required, or be fined for non-compliance of regulations like GST, PAYG, BAS, superannuation and the like.

Here is where we come in. Think Accountants offers specialized accounting for electricians in Melbourne. Having served many self-employed electricians, our expert accountants understand the unique challenges that come with being an electrician, as well as the changing regulatory compliances that you must adhere to. Moreover, we have specialist accountants for electricians who understand the nitty-gritties of the trade, and can give you the correct guidance when it comes to what invoicing software to use, to how to manage pay-rolls and vendor payments. So, when you choose Think Accountants, you know you can get a lot more than just help with year-end accounting and filing tax returns.

Whether you are planning to commence business as an electrician, or have an existing running business, you can count on us to help you at any stage. If you are just trying to set up your business, then we can help you with deciding on your business structure and initial compliances, and also guide you on your business plan and cash flow structures. Talking about business structures, it is important to choose the right one from the onset from among the many options like sole trader, partnership, company and more. While this can be changed later on, it can also make you potentially liable for capital gains tax, which can be avoided if you choose right when you start. We are known to have helped many small businesses flourish with the right accounting practices, and our accounting services for electricians can do the same for your trade.

At Think Accountants, we offer a complete range of accounting services – from general accounting to taxation, business advisory and even other financial services, to keep your finances in the pink of health – all this, while maintaining the highest level of ethical accounting standards. We value client relationships and consider our clients’ problems as our own. This enables us to come up with solutions that make a positive impact to their business. All of our accountants who work for electricians have a strong commitment towards offering practical, cost effective advice and timely completion of work. This way you can focus your skills and energy on everything else that you need to do to help your business grow.

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