Australian tradespeople are under stress!

They are overworked, lack time and lack the support they require to make their business grow and flourish in this challenging time.

Are you a tradie who loves the look on a client’s face when their ceiling fan works, when you fix their hot water or make their poor old oven work again. Even better, install a new oven?

Well you are the heroes of our society and we think it is time you get the help you need to manage your business affordably and with a LOT less stress.

Think Better Bookkeeping are here to help you make sure that you pay your BAS on time., That PAYG is lodged. Tthat all of your licenses and trademarks are up to date.

We are here to help take the strain and stress out of running your business.

Are you working 16 hours on 43 degree days to help everyone whose air conditioning has broken down?

To install that ceiling fan and to fix the fridge?

You are a legend!

While your clients are definitely appreciative. I am sure that you do not feel the same way about the administration work that is waiting for you when you get home.

Is it sometimes weeks before you bill out your clients – just because you don’t have time to get around to it?

Do you get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paperwork required to run a business?

Do you know what you can claim on your tax? Are you getting all the money the government owes you at tax time?

Think Better Bookkeeping are ready, willing and able to help take the load off you and your business and let you get back to being the people’s hero!

Australia would not work without tradies, and tradies could work better, with less stress and less downtime if they gave over their bookkeeping to a trusted bookkeeper who can make sure that you stay on top of your administration.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving everything until tax time and then having to rush. Take time out from the work that earns you the money or even get your returns wrong just because you are under so much pressure.

Let us take that pressure off, get your books right, bill out on time, pay suppliers on time and ensure that staff are properly remunerated.

Running a business is a big job. There is so much paperwork and so many things that will take your time away from doing the things that really count. Like fixing Nanna’s air con on a 40 degree day!

We appreciate our tradies and want to help you to make your business great again.

Call Think Better Bookkeeping on 9428 9630  to talk to a qualified bookkeeper today – take a load off!