Running a business is difficult.

Chances are you started your business with a dream in your head and a gleam in your eye – you were going to quit the ‘rat race’ and do what you want to do with your life, spend your time at work doing something you are good at and something you love.

I am guessing that when you started your business you did not have any idea the amount of government and taxation legislation that you would have to adhere to just to stay in business.

There is paying employees, paying for equipment, producing your quarterly BAS statements, paying the right amount of tax and superannuation to employees… paying the right amount of tax on asset sales… the list is endless.

This is where Think Better Bookkeeping can help you to manage the day to day tasks that keep your business afloat and in the tax department’s good books.

When you start your business you are inundated with ideas and people who know ‘exactly what you should do’, but each business is different and each business owner has a different dream and idea of what they are trying to achieve.

There is lots of help you can get, there are Accountants, Lawyers, BAS Agents and then there are Bookkeepers who help you with the day to day running of your business – to ensure that you pay your bills on time, pay your staff correctly and do not fall foul of the tax office.

For the day to day running of your business, to keep all the cogs and wheels turning, the best thing you can do for your business is to hire a bookkeeper.

Hiring staff is scary, complicated and expensive – so why not outsource?

Think Better Bookkeeping is here to help you with all your bookkeeping needs.

Do you want to spend more time doing what you love? More time relaxing and enjoying life? More time with your family?

We can help!

Bookkeepers know all about the best business management software and what will best suit your company going into the future.

They also help you to keep proper records which will help should you wish to secure finance, in any legal wranglings (heaven forbid), and will also help you to budget and plan your cash flow to future proof your business.

You are adding a new employee, but you are not paying for an office, wages or superannuation and we never go on holidays!

Think Better Bookkeeping will be there for you during the start, the middle and through the growth of your dream business to make things easier and support you through your business journey.

Call us now on 9428 9630 to talk to us about how we can help your business Think Better and grow to reach its full potential.