Here at Think Accountants we see ourselves as an extension of your business – like another department that helps you to meet all of your obligations to ASIC and the tax office, but to also help you in good times and in bad.

In good times we will help you to work out how to best spend your capital and invest your money and in bad times, we will help you to budget and work through any issues that your business faces.

At a time like this, following the announcement of a pandemic, and seeing the shut down of so many businesses, riding out this difficult time is now the focus.

Are you a café who has seen your clientele dip enormously?

A baker who has had wedding and birthday cakes cancelled in the hundreds?

Are you in travel? Are you scrambling to help your clients who need to cancel, rebook or get home from overseas?

Are you feeling hopeless in the face of this wave of public panic during this horrible time?

You are not alone!

Firstly, everyone is feeling this way.

There is no escape from the news – the Alerts and Special Bulletins that bring more and more bad news.

There is no end insight to this pandemic and there is no expiry date – no promise of when things will get better.

Let the team at Think Accountants help you through this difficult and often traumatic time.

We can help you with cashflow management, budgeting, planning and making sure that you continue to meet your business obligations during this time. Read more here

The team at Think are here and ready to give you the support you need to work your way through this pandemic and come out the other side – it might not feel like it, but it will happen.

Many people are not earning a wage at the moment and many people are struggling through financial hardship and that financial has a knock-on effect to all business.

We can help!

Here at Think Accountants we are ready, willing and able to give you advice and support tailored to your business.

We know your business, we know you and we have done all the necessary study, training and are keeping up with all the financial news – something you yourself may not be able to do, and we are ready to make sure your business survives, and when the time comes, thrives.

Call Paul and the team today to find out how we can offer business and industry specific advice to you and your team to give you the support you need to make it through this difficult economic climate.

 If you have any questions give Think Accountants Pty Ltd a call on 9428 9630