Financial Services

Planning for the 2020/21 Financial Year



The financial services industry including mortgage brokers, insurers, lenders and financial planners is expanding and increasingly diverse. This industry is Victoria’s 3rd largest, and represents almost 9% of the state economy.[i] If you have a business in this industry, you will be faced with high levels of competition, not only among smaller businesses but also the larger companies in this industry.

A successful business in the financial services sector is one that has established solid networks and a great reputation in the community. Public perceptions of financial lenders, insurers and other business in this industry are heavily based on trust as well as accessibility. Your business needs to stand out from the rest as the most linked-in and trustworthy source for the client.

At Think Accountants, we can provide start up and ongoing advice and consultation for businesses in this sector. We are highly familiar with many aspects of these businesses and the various taxation laws and regulations that guide the industry. We can assist your business by taking care of your complex accounting needs and can connect you with industry representatives.

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