Have you heard about our launch for Think Better Bookkeeping this Wednesday, the 23rd of October?

There are two great reasons you should come to our launch – scratch that, make it three!

Firstly, it is a great chance for you to network with other business owners and discuss where you might be having problems in your business, you may be able to help another business owner with a problem and you have the chance to collaborate and build your business circle.

One thing you will find as a business owner is that networking helps you to build a relationship with many businesses and their representatives in an environment rich with opportunity to expand your business and your business network.

To cultivate long term, ongoing clients you need to build a relationship based on trust and also on a mutual respect for what each party can bring to the business.

Don’t forget, for most business owners, handing over work is handing over a large amount of trust and showing a great deal of confidence in the service provider.  How many times have you heard people call their business ‘my baby’?  Most businesses cannot afford to get spend their money on services that fail to deliver – think of terrible printing or a signage fail that cost your business a lot of money, it can be catastrophic.

Networking is a great way to meet people who just might be looking for someone passionate, experienced and dedicated to help support and grow your and their business.

That is why Think Accountants are launching Think Better Bookkeeping to help you manage your business, to give you back your time and to support your business as it grows and evolves. Someone you can trust, who knows your business to manage your bookkeeping going forward.

Think of Think as an extension of your business – we want to help you grow and succeed in business.

We also want to make sure that you meet all of your tax, legislative and business deadlines without the heartache and stress that comes with it.

We are helping you to build a more targeted network, of business owners known to Paul and his teams at Think Accountants and Think Better Bookkeeping.

So take this opportunity to hear how we can help your business going forward and how we can help you manage all the deadlines and expectations that come with owning a business – all while meeting business owners who can help you grow your business network.

The third thing you ask? Lunch – a really nice lunch on the cusp of the Yarra Valley at OTree Restaurant at 2 Victoria Road, Lilydale. You can enjoy the views, a lovely lunch, hear about all the great things happening at Think Better Bookkeeping and network with your peers.

What more can you ask of a Wednesday lunch?

Call us on 9428 9630 to book your place at the table to start growing your business and to meet your next great client or collaboration.