A very hot topic at the moment is staff payments and making sure that you are paying your staff correctly – are you paying the right amount of Superannuation? Are you paying too many holidays or too much sick or carer’s leave – do you know the difference?

Are you paying your staff correctly for basic hours, for overtime, time and a half and double time?

Do you give your staff time in lieu?

Do you have a solid and clear policy around staff pay? Policy that staff can access anytime and can easily understand?

These are all pressing and important questions – especially with so many business owners in the news for underpaying staff.

We have also worked with a very savvy business owner, who was accidentally overpaying a staff member. What do you do in that instance?

Can you ask for the money back or reduce that staff member’s wages? Neither are very good options, in fact, they are not really options!

So, do you know if you are paying your staff correctly?

Think of Think Accountants and Think Better Bookkeepers as an extension of your business.

We are here to make sure that your business is running smoothly, that you meeting all of your obligations and that you are not overpaying or underpaying your staff – do you want to be the next face of Worksafe (George Colombaris reference in case you didn’t get it J)?

Let Think Accountants and Think Better Bookkeeping support your business to ensure that you are running your accounts in the best possible way – to ensure that you are not missing any, even the most minute detail.

Think Better Bookkeepers are having a launch party, to give you information on our new services and how we can help your business – also so that you can take this opportunity to network with fellow business owners and discuss how you might be able to support each other going forward.

A Think Network!

Let Paul and his team walk you through how they can help your business be better, run more smartly and help you deliver your best possible product to your clients.

Details are:

Think Better Bookkeeping Launch
23rd October, 2019
OTree Restaurant
2 Victoria Road, Lilydale

Come for the fabulous food, stay for the discussions about bettering your business and the networking opportunities that an event like this presents.

Think Accountants and Think Better Bookkeeping care about your business and we want to help you grow and flourish – while also making sure that you do not fall foul of business law.

Sound good? Call us on 9428 4360 to book yourself a seat at the table.