Cashflow Worksheet

The fundamental goal of any business is to make a profit. One of the main financial aims in business is to make enough sales, at a big enough margin, to generate the desired profit.

What is cashflow? – Cashflow is the ongoing process of ensuring that the business has the available cash (or ‘liquid’ cash) needed to operate. This provides the money needed to trade, to pay suppliers, to cover wages or to buy raw materials, etc.

Good cashflow management can significantly enhance your financial health. Without a careful eye on your cash numbers, things can quickly go awry.

Good cashflow management is all about being in control of your cash inflows (income you’re generating) and your cash outflows (what you’re spending). To achieve ‘positive cashflow’ you need to proactively work to keep your inflows higher than your outflows.

Think Accountants can help you set up detailed cashflow reporting and forecasting, so you can keep the business in that ideal positive cashflow position. We can also look at key steps for keeping your revenues high, margins profitable and meeting your financial targets.

Get in touch to talk through your cashflow management.

The following Cash Flow Worksheet is provided to help you.


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