With the recent Royal Commission into Banking, the banking sector have clamped right down on lending money.

I am sure this makes many people feel safer and that their bank now has proper oversite and they are no longer throwing cash around like they are cashed up mob bosses.

How does this affect small to medium business?

It is MUCH harder to get a loan these days to help put some much-needed capital into your business.

Maybe your business has evolved to a point where you can invest in a shop front or a factory.

Do you require a delivery van or new computer hardware for your business?

Securing capital has never been more difficult for small business (for anyone for that matter!), so what can you do about it?

One thing that helps with dealing with the banks is the assurance that your books are properly kept and that you are completely up to date with taxes, payments and wages -your books need to be in order!

Like most businesses, there are probably times when your bookkeeping gets lax. Times when you are too tired to make that payment that is overdue, to check back over your books or to lodge that BAS statement.

It happens in every business… except ours, because that is our business.

Let us take the stress of bookkeeping out of your business and put you in a position where you seem like a good bet for the banks.

A bank or mortgage broker will tell you that well kept books go a long way in helping you to secure capital.

If your business affairs are in order, all the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted, you are in a much better position to apply for that loan to expand your business.

Having a bookkeeper back you up also keeps you from making those common mistakes that could cost your business dearly come tax time.

Think of it like having a Guardian Angel, but one who knows your business, knows tax and accounting law and can help you keep on top of your business requirements.

Think Better Bookkeeping are here to help you to stay on top of your business administration to ensure that you do not miss deadlines, that your books are completely correct, that you  have paid suppliers and staff properly and that you do not find yourself on the wrong side of the Australian Tax Office.

Bookkeeping also helps with business planning. Projections and budgets can help you to see when you will be able to open that shop, buy that van or pay for the computer hardware that your business so desperately needs.

There is a Think Better Bookkeeper waiting at the end of the line to help you get your business into order so it can achieve its full potential and stay on the right side of the tax man.

Think Better Bookkeeping 9428 9630 – we are looking forward to helping!