A sure fire way to encourage client loyalty is to invest in your relationships with your clients, to remind them that they are important to you, and, that you strive to consistently add value beyond the sale itself.

Keep in mind that “value” is determined from the recipient’s perspective. This means that we must know our clients well enough to be able to judge what will add value and what may not.

Programs and activities intentionally designed to build client loyalty are powerful growth strategies. As relationships strengthen, loyalty grows, advocacy develops and clients are more likely to

  1. Remain in a buying relationship with you [increase retention]
  2. Buy more often [increase frequency]
  3. Spend more when they do [increase average sale], and
  4. Refer their likeminded associates [increase referred leads.

Deliberately and proactively encouraging these 4 behaviours is certain to generate profitable growth.

Decide what you will do to add value, how often and via which medium. Create your client nurturing programs in advance, know your desired outcomes, design KPIs, assign responsibilities, and incorporate a system that keeps you on track.

Be prepared to be nimble enough to take advantage of opportunities which unexpectedly show up.

The newly published THINK NEWS is an example of a quality value piece which should be incorporated into your nurturing programs for your clients.

Sharing THINK NEWS is a brilliant and effective way of adding value for your business clients. The content is relevant, timely, thought provoking, solution focused, and designed specifically to address current real world issues and concerns. The content scope is wide enough for every entrepreneur to take away an insight or idea that will add value. The magazine is not mass marketed and represents an exclusive opportunity for only a select group of subscribers.

By choosing to share the magazine with your clients, you are providing them with access to a valuable and scarce resource – this is a powerful positioning initiative.

You might forward the link and let your clients know that you thought of them when you read the magazine and wanted to give them access to this valuable and exclusive resource.

You might recommend a particular article which you know will be especially relevant to your client’s circumstances.

SMS or email this link: along with your message which positions you as someone who values their clients and is willing to go the extra mile.

If you don’t have a client nurturing program in place, sharing THINK NEWS is a great way to get started. And then begin to build momentum towards even better client relationships by scheduling future touch points.

A word of warning, once you have positioned yourself as someone who genuinely cares about their clients and is desirous of adding value, you will have set a standard of client care that must be maintained, that is now expected. Anything less will have a negative impact.

What will your next value add be?

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Here at Think Accountants we are proud of the launch of our first Mobimag THINK NEWS.

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